Author: POS Supply   Date Posted:21 August 2013 

Roll With The Green

Eco-friendly thermal and bond receipt printer paper rolls that will reduce your carbon footprint. Earth-friendly and recyclable receipt paper. Go green!

Benefit the world and your business with eco-friendly thermal receipt printer paper rolls.

The green movement is officially in full swing.
It no longer requires debilitating investments and applications for hard-to-come-by government subsidies to do your part. Huzzah!
Do your carbon footprint an easy and affordable favor by looking into our thermal receipt printer paper eco-friendly rolls at


Thermal what!? Which paper should I be using?
A very common question.
Herein lay the information you seek: Cryptic Paper Differences Explained.

What’s so special about these environmentally friendly rolls of receipt paper?
They’re just special…believe me.

Not good enough? Fine. You asked for it.
Our environmentally friendly thermal receipt printer paper rolls, the paper, cartons and even the cores are all made from recycled materials.

- Manufactured in Australia.
- Raw materials sourced from eco-friendly plantations.
- Product and packaging completely recyclable.

There is usually a catch with a green product, as much of the technology is still new.
Contracts for weapons made of tofu were canceled by the military, and reports of the early prototypes for the Prius cited them commonly “melting to puddles when it rained”.
In this case, there’s no catch. On the contrary, the eco rolls are equivalent to our premium rolls, our longest 80mm register roll with 13% more paper than the average receipt paper roll being sold in the Australian market today. This is ideal for high volume users as it decreases the need for roll changes.

Where can I get some of these marvelous green receipt paper rolls?
Here’s a link to all of our eco-awesome paper rolls, including the BPA-free and bond rolls mentioned below :
Eco-Friendly Thermal and Bond Paper Rolls

You mentioned something about BPA-free rolls?
Indeed. Good memory.
As BPA isn’t a household term just yet, let’s elucidate on that.
Bisphenol A is a man-made carbon-based synthetic compound often found in consumer goods that has been linked to human health issues such as reproductive issues and narrowed arteries.
It is bad. Very bad.
In addition to the standard eco-friendly rolls discussed above, we also offer eco-friendly BPA-free thermal rolls. Our BPA-free eco-friendly thermal receipt printer paper rolls come with a 7 year image life guarantee.

Do you offer any eco-friendly bond rolls?
We do!
If your printer uses a ribbon and prints on bond paper, have a look around at the link above.
You will see that we have a couple of different eco-friendly bond roll options.

Should I feel good about myself for using these eco-friendly products?
Yes. Yes you should.