Author: POS Supply   Date Posted:21 January 2015 

POS Hybrid Receipt Printers and Their Amazing Benefits

What are hybrid receipt printers? They combine the quiet efficiency of thermal direct and versatility of impact printing. What do these mean? Glad you asked.

Hybrid Receipt Printers: The Thermal Direct Side
Thermal direct printers are quiet and fast. They can print in the order of 300mm per second and remain whisper quiet.

Thermal printers require a special paper which reacts to the heat of the printer head, but supplies are plentiful and the paper rolls inexpensive. Typically, thermal printing allows for dual or multiple print sizes and for graphics, so you can print a logo or seasonal images to make receipts more personable. Some thermal direct printers can also output both 1D and 2D barcodes.

Hybrid Receipt Printers: The Impact Printing SideHrbrid Receipt Printer
Impact printing involves a dot matrix print head and an inked ribbon for printing on most any kind of paper.

Dot matrix impact printers require consumable, inked ribbons for transferring the text to the paper's surface, but each ribbon can usually handle millions of character imprints before the need to be replaced.

The dot matrix impact printing side of hybrid receipt printers allows you to print on checks, passbooks, customer bills and more.

Uses for Hybrid Receipt Printers
Of course, printing receipts for customers stands as a required part of all commercial transactions. The dot matrix impact printer allows greater versatility in transferring transaction "intelligence" to other documents. Here are just a few of the possible uses:

  • With MICR, banks can print on checks or deposit record slips.
  • Banks can print updates in passbooks.
  • Payment centres can print receipt information directly on a customer's bill.
  • Receipt of required paperwork can be imprinted with time, date and other information to document their official acceptance.
  • Validation slips of most any kind.

POS Supply Offers a Choice of Hybrid Receipt Printers
Here at POS Supply, we currently have available two of the top models of hybrid receipt printers, both by the industry leader, Epson.

Epson TM-H5000II
Print Speed: 38 lines per second (thermal) and up to 311 characters per second (dot matrix).
Ribbon Life: 7,000,000 characters (purple), 4,500,000 characters (black).
Thermal Paper: 79.5 ± 0.5 × diameter 83.0 mm
Paper Dimensions (impact): 70 to 210 × 70 to 297 mm (W × L)
MTBF (thermal): 360,000 hours.
MTBF (impact): 180,000 hours.
MCBF (thermal): 52,000,000 lines.
MCBF (impact): 29,000,000 lines.
Option: MICR device.

More information is available about this printer.

Epson TM-H6000IV
Print Speed: 94 lines per second (thermal) and up to 5.7 lines per second (dot matrix).
Ribbon Life: 4,000,000 characters.
Thermal Paper: 79.5 ± 0.5 × diameter 83.0 mm
Paper Dimensions (impact): 68 to 230 × 68 to 297 mm (W × L)
MTBF (thermal): 360,000 hours.
MTBF (impact): 180,000 hours.
MCBF (thermal): 96,000,000 lines.
MCBF (impact): 29,000,000 lines.
Options: MICR device, Endorsement printer, 58mm width paper guide, Power supply unit.

More information is available about this printer.

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