Author: POS Supply   Date Posted:5 May 2015 

Top 10 Reasons to Get the Zebra DS4208 Handheld 2D Scanner

There are many reasons you need a durable, convenient 2D scanner. Not long ago, our blog detailed the differences between 1D and 2D barcodes. It seems that more and more retailers and customers are using 2D barcodes. Naturally, 2D scanners can usually scan 1D codes, so you don't have to have a scanner for each type. But when you decide to upgrade or to get more 2D scanners for your operation, it's nice to know that one product has so many advantages. Here are the top 10.

1. Price
Amongst all the 2D scanners we carry, the Zebra DS4208 is the least expensive. That may not always be the case, but for now, most 2D scanners cost above $250—some over $600.

2. 5-Year Warranty
Amazingly inexpensive on the front end and on the back end of its hardware life cycle. Most other 2D scanners have 1-year, 2-year or 3-year warranties. The Zebra DS4208 has a 5-year warranty, giving you five years of relatively worry-free operation.

3. Customers rave about the Zebra DS4208
Amongst all of the customers surveyed, not one had anything negative to say about it—no "cons" to go with their "pros." They would all recommend the product to others.

4. Easy to use right out of the box.
Don't take our word for it. Customers surveyed said it all for us. They talked about,

  • "Plug-and-Play."
  • "Easiest Setup."
  • "Turn-key product."
  • "Easy configuration."
  • "Easy to program."
  • "Scans fast."

5. Versatile for many uses.
It's nice to know that any 2D scanner can be used for multiple purposes. But it's even nicer to hear it from customers. Here are some of the things said by those surveyed:

  • Etickets.
  • Dairy barn cow tags. Inventory use.
  • Tracking parts using a 2D.
  • Factory bar code scanning.
  • Qr codes.
  • Inventory nursing school.

6. Good for paper labels and codes on screen.
Sure, you can scan codes on printed labels, but not every scanner can handle a discount 2D code from a customer's cell phone or other 2D codes from a computer screen. The Zebra DS4208 can.

7. Durable.
If the 5-year warranty didn't make this clear, then the product specifications for the Zebra DS4208 should. According to the manufacturer's own data sheet, this unit is rated to withstand multiple drops to concrete from a height of 1.83 meters (6 feet). Ouch! This scanner is tough.

8. No need for perfect alignment.
As incredible as it sounds, you don't have to line up the code in order to scan it. In fact, you can have the label upside-down and still be able to read it. You could also scan from an angle—off by 25° pitch or 30° yaw. The Zebra DS4208 is extremely resilient in its ability to capture the code.

9. Faded labels okay.
Of course, scan codes are dark patterns on a light background, but what if the dark pattern has faded or the light background has darkened with age—or both? The Zebra DS4208 only needs a minimum 25% difference in contrast. That's incredible sensitivity.

10. Adaptable.
Your Zebra DS4208 scanner comes with a stand that allows you easily to switch between hand-held operation and hands-free, presentation mode.

Need more information? There are many other features that make the Zebra DS4208 right for your operation. Check out the complete Zebra DS4208 specifications and get yours, today.