Author: POS Supply   Date Posted:26 August 2013 

Zebra Desktop Label Printers

A look over Zebra’s product line of compact, feature-rich desktop label printers.

Upon first glance, entering the market for your desktop label printers seems sheer madness.
Many appear to be identical, as they are all designed to save space.
One is expected to remember model numbers that seem conjured from mid-air.
Statistics blur into one another.
“The new TX-9000ZR can process 1 billion gigglebits per nanosecond and plug itself in!”
Below, Zebra’s product line will be laid out and explained clearly for the interested consumer that might not have a degree in…whatever desktop label printer people get degrees in.

No More Confusion – Direct Thermal vs Thermal Transfer Printing
Please note that each series of Zebra label printer comes in a “t” and a “d” model, which differentiates their printing methods. The “t” means the printer is capable of thermal transfer printing AND direct thermal, while the “d” refers to a printer that only uses direct thermal.
Both use a thermal printhead, but thermal transfer printing uses a heated ribbon to print longer lasting images, while direct thermal prints directly to the printing material, creating images that are more sensitive to abrasion, light and heat, giving the printed material a shorter lifespan.
In the case of the 2824 Plus printers, the TLP is capable of thermal transfer. The LP is not.
One frustrating mystery solved.


Zebra GK420 Series Desktop PrintersZebra GK420 Series Desktop Printers
The GK-420s are our high-end 4-inch label printers.
Compared to the industry-standard GC-420s, the GK-420s print faster at 127mm per second.
The GK-420s have a larger roll capacity and can accommodate far more media types, such as black bar, black mark, continuous, continuous receipt, fanfold, gap, notched, perforated, receipt, roll-fed, tag, tag stock and die-cut.
They also offer the option for an Ethernet port in place of the parallel for greater connectivity flexibility.


Zebra GC420 Series Desktop PrintersZebra GC420 Series Desktop Printers
The GC-420s are an entry-level 4-inch desktop label printer based on a customer-proven, trustworthy design. They are built to be long-lasting, efficient and effective.
The GC-420s are the new-and-improved replacement model for the renowned Zebra LP2844 and TLP2844 desktop label printers. They print at 102mm per second and use the tag stock, roll and fanfold media types.


Zebra 2824 Plus Series Desktop PrintersZebra 2824 Plus Series Desktop Printers
The 2824 Plus printers are similar to the GK-420s in function and value, except they print 2-inch labels as opposed to 4-inch labels. This allows them to be more compact and space-saving.
The 2824s feature easy media loading and an instant reset button that allows for increased work efficiency and less downtime.
They allow for a diverse array of media types just as the GK-420s do, and also offer the option of an Ethernet port as well. HC100 Wristband PrinterZebra HC100 Wristband Printer
Designed with the healthcare and hospitality industries in mind, the HC100 wristband printer is constructed of impact-resistant plastic and can print hospital wristbands at 51mm per second, or more basic Z-Band wristbands at 102mm per second. carries all of the Zebra desktop label printers described above, as well as any and all POS-related products.
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