Author: POS Supply   Date Posted:1 December 2014 

Zebra ZT400 Series — A Whole New Dimension in Barcode Printing

The Zebra ZT400 series is the most exciting thing to happen to POS equipment and computer managed inventory and work flow since the invention of the microchip.Zebra ZT410

Improvements over previous models are categorized by,

  • Ease of integration
  • Ease of management
  • Ease of use, and
  • Expanded applications

Zebra ZT400 Series Integration
Improvements have been made in both local and network connectivity. The ZT400 series has Ethernet and Bluetooth (including Apple Bluetooth) capabilities. The Zebra ZT400 series can also work with RFID devices.

The ZT400 series printers are also near field communications (NFC) friendly. NFC-enabled devices can connect to the ZT400 series for a host of functions including enhanced troubleshooting.

Local printer configuration and format loading can now be accomplished via a USB flash drive port on the front of each ZT400 series printer. The port also allows for the input of data directly from USB devices, like a keyboard or scanner, without the need for an additional client device.

Zebra ZT400 Series Management
Zebra ZT400 series printers also have a remarkably small footprint aided by its bi-fold access door on the side.

The Zebra ZT400 series is able to interact with the Link-OS file manager and Cloud Connect management tools. Also SysLog is now standard on the printer allowing for enhanced troubleshooting.

Both print head and platen roller replacement are easy without the need for additional tools. This makes easy maintenance of the most frequently replaced parts.

Zebra ZT400 Series Use
Ribbon and media loading is now a snap with the ZT400's easy, flip-up, side-loading mechanism that is both intuitive and effortless to use. The new mechanism also eliminates ribbon wrinkle start-up issues that have plagued so many customers with earlier models.

Easy-to-clean, sealed keypad and easy-to-interpret status indicators also enhance the usability of this new series of printers.

Each printer comes with a unique QR code for quick access to help files and tutorial videos via smart devices.

Zebra ZT400 Series Expanded Applications
Additional functionality can be added in a snap, like the WiFi connectivity via an easy, plug-in module.

For RFID the ZT400 series includes an auto-calibration procedure and ease of installation, plus improved encoding throughput.

The ZT410 (4") delivers an improved 14 inches-per-second printer speed and the ZT420 (6") offers 12 inches-per-second.

The entire Zebra ZT400 series includes vastly increased printer and user memory for a boost in functionality and usability.

The printers' onboard operating system, Link-OS, comes with a multiplatform software development kit (SDK) and software applications allowing you to use off-the-shelf as well as custom applications to manage your printer.

The Zebra ZT400 series is perfect for the most rigorous manufacturing, transportation logistics, healthcare and retail applications.

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