Author: POS Supply   Date Posted:22 September 2013 

7 Ways We Make it Easier on You

We are so committed to your success, we keep coming up with more ways to make it easier on you. Whether you're a longstanding customer of POS Supply or entirely new to what we offer, you may not be aware of everything we do for you.

Yes, we're tooting our own horn by making this list, but we also want you to have an easy time knowing what services are available. This helps us both.

1. Online Help—You may have noticed the "Need Help?" tool on the lower right of each page on our website. With this, you can send us a message and get help as soon as possible. If we're online, you can get a response in minutes or even seconds. ClickDesk Live Chat and Support makes it super easy to get in touch with us when you have questions or concerns about your POS Supply order or any of our products.

2. Easy-to-Remember Toll-Free Phone Number—We now have a toll-free phone number so you can reach us without adding to your phone bill. It's also easy-to-remember. Simply dial 1800-367-767 (1800-FOR-POS). Imagine that—easy on the brain and easy on your bank account.

3. Discounts and Specials—We always have items at reduced or close-out prices to make your bottom line a little nicer. And every year, during June, we have our End-of-Financial-Year discounts and specials for even better deals.

4. POS Software—Any more, you might not need specialized equipment for every part of your POS system. New POS applications can now run on handheld devices or computer systems you may already have.

5. Leasing Solutions—You don't always have to buy the equipment you use. If you're strapped for cash or would rather allocate your funds toward other things, a leasing plan may be able to help. Flexi Commercial

6. This Blog—In the coming months, we intend to make this blog not only a useful tool to help in your purchase of POS supplies, but also for conducting every aspect of your business. We will be including tips and best practices from around the world.

7. More Ways to Stay Connected—Our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts give you more ways to stay updated on what we offer.

If you have any suggestions for how we can make it even easier for you, please let us know. We always welcome your input.