Author: POS Supply   Date Posted:5 August 2014 

Restaurants - Beating the Competition with Unparalleled Service

Even if your business has nothing to do with food or restaurants, you can learn something from the spirit of great service.

Today's world of corporate buyouts, mergers and globalisation, has reduced the notion of great service to a cheap formula - quotas. Teaching your servers to upsell may add a little to the bottom line, but it may annoy more customers than you may have imagined.Unparalleled Service

Great service seems to be a dying art. Corporate manuals are thin on service and thick on profit for the corporation. They do next to nothing to train servers for a career as a server in an upscale restaurant. Most servers take the job to get them by until they can find a "real job." Their focus is on their pay check and their tips - not on the service they provide.

But imagine for a moment that you have a band of merry servers who really, really know what great service is all about. They know how to please without being obtrusive. They know how to be invisible until they are needed. They can relate all the fine establishments in the local vicinity, whether their guests are interested in entertainment, romance, sports or something else. The server can time the delivery of each item of their meal for maximum enjoyment. They can anticipate their guests' every need. When the wine or tea glass is getting low, they are there to offer a refill. Nothing misses their keen eyes.

If you had one such server, you might notice that their section is nearly always filled with loyal customers, even when the remainder of your restaurant is sparse or empty. Likely the server's tips are better, on average, than those of your other servers. Any restaurant manager should recognize such differences and reward them accordingly.

While perusing the internet for tips on service, one website came to our attention which offers tips for restaurant servers so that they can increase their tips or gratuities. The blog's author lays his years of experience on the line to share with all. You can find those tips at,

The remarkable thing about wisdom in one field is that it can frequently be applied to other fields as well. So, if your business is not a restaurant, any tips for excellent service may be applicable to your fine establishment. Seeing those possibilities is a matter of remaining hungry for delivering better and better service.

Any store or retail establishment with service employees can benefit from even one tip that could increase customer satisfaction.

Take, for instance, the checkout phase of a customer's visit. With today's modern computer technology, checkout can occur far more quickly and with more seamless smoothness than ever before. Servers can take their orders from an iPad, receive payment, close out an order, as well as print a receipt, all from the same device. Today's Change software makes this all possible. Such things can increase customer satisfaction and give a restaurant another notch of excellence above their competition.

When you provide service, the object is not to get noticed, but to increase satisfaction. Customers notice mistakes and delays. They appreciate great and timely service.

Because great service is becoming more and more rare, you can stand out from the crowd by finding every possible method for improving on your own great service.