Author: POS Supply   Date Posted:1 March 2014 

Change is Good - A Cash Register App for the iPad

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POS Supply has partnered with BitMethod to provide an even more comprehensive POS solution.

POS Supply is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the software gurus at BitMethod, creators of the iPad cash register app Change.
Change is a straightforward yet extremely malleable cash register app for the iPad.

Tailor-made to serve the burgeoning iPad POS community of restaurants, delis, cafes and bars, Change is a great zig to POS Supply’s zag. Have a look at the Change blog!
Whereas we supply everything in the way of point of sale hardware, such as receipt printers, iPad mounts, cash drawers and scanners, Change fulfills the software needs of anyone looking for a user-friendly, smart and efficient POS iPad solution or upgrade.

The Nitty Gritty
The Change iPad cash register app allows for separation of departments and differentiated sales statistics for each department, such as your beer & wine vs your entrees etc. Highly customizable screen layouts mean that different times of day and meals can have their own functional screens as the restaurant or bar owner sees fit. Intelligent tapping and swiping allow for muscle memory quick navigation and changing from the ordering to the payment screen takes just a quick swipe.
Numerous intuitive additions like user-defined order modifiers and notes (make it a double, please…it’s Friday) and email receipts to save paper take Change to the next level of operator-friendliness.
Change supports multiple printers – a cash register printer and a kitchen printer, for example, both of which can be the same model.
Change even has an online dashboard which enables you to view your current synced stats & figures and export session reports to send to others or view later. 
The list goes on and on.
You can find Change in your App Store, and try a 14-day trial if you’d like to watch the magic happen before signing up.

Our Piece of the Puzzle
POS Supply has all of the quality point of sale equipment and consumables needed to complement the modern, mindful approach of Change.
The Change TM-T82 POS Bundle provides a good entry-level printer with an Ethernet port, a cash drawer and 24 rolls of high quality paper all in one convenient, affordable package.
The model using an Ethernet port is required, as the iPad has no USB capability.
The market-leading Epson TM-T88V, TM-T20 and TM-T82 are thermal receipt printers available with Ethernet ports capable of plugging straight into your wireless router, and work well with the VPOS Printer-Driven Cash Drawer and their 80mm thermal paper rolls.

A good kitchen printer would be our Epson TM-U220, and the three models mentioned here are all available with Ethernet ports and compatible with Change.
You can also mount your iPad for secure, sturdy daily use with one of our iPad mounts.

The combined forces of POSSupply and Change promise to make life just a little bit easier for restaurant, bar, deli and café owners. Find all of the point of sale hardware you need at POS Supply and the software to make it all run smoothly and maximize productivity with Change.