What label rolls does my label printer take?

Does your label printer also need a ribbon or cartridge to print labels?  If so, then your printer is Thermal Transfer.  If you just replace the labels, but don’t need a ribbon then you need Thermal Direct labels.  Our label rolls are sorted under thermal transfer and thermal direct.

What size labels do you need?  Measure a label and note down the width of the label and the height of the label.  In our product codes and descriptions, the width of the label is first, followed by the height.

How big is the core of your old label roll? The core is the piece of cardboard that your labels wrap around.  If it is roughly 25mm (1-inch), 38mm or 40mm then you have a desktop style printer.  If it is 76mm (3-inch) you have a mid-range or industrial label printer.  Each product has the core size in the description as well on the products page we advise if it is for desktop or mid-range and industrial printers.

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Barcode Label Measurement Guide - POS Supply