What paper rolls does my cash register or receipt printer take?

What size roll do I need? Get a brand new, unused roll and place it on the Paper Roll Measurement Guide.  If the size is not shown on the measurement guide, measure the width of the paper (that is the width of the docket that comes out of the register), and then measure the diameter of the entire roll.  In our product codes the first number is the width of the docket and the second is the diameter of the roll.

Is the paper shiny and smooth? If yes, then the paper is thermal.  If no, then the paper is bond. (HINT: If you use bond, you will also have a ribbon for your register.)  Our paper rolls are sorted under thermal and bond.  

Is the paper single ply? If yes, the code you need will have 1P at the end of it.  If you have a 2nd sheet of yellow or a 3rd sheet of pink, then the codes will end in 2P or 3P respectively.  Multi-ply is only available in Bond paper. 

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View our paper roll measurement guide here